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Archive for childhood nutrition – Page 3

Healthy Habits for Halloween – Utah Family Magazine

What are some healthy snack alternatives to Halloween candy? Halloween candy is typically processed full of dye, high fructose corn syrup and excessive amounts of sugar and other harmful preservatives.  If you want to still give out candy go for the higher quality brands that are sweetened without high fructose…

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“Fat Letters” Helpful or Hurtful? – WSVA Radio

Dr. Kantor recently discussed “Fat Letters” with WSVA Radio of Harrisonburg, VA.  These are letters that are being sent home to parents in 19 states, which let them know that their child/children have an unhealthy body mass index or BMI. Dr. Kantor believes that we should give the schools credit…

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Childhood Nutrition – Altoona Mirror

1. What are a few tips to give kids a balanced lunch? Make sure you include four components- a protein, fruit, vegetable, and healthy fat. Stay away from processed foods, the additives, preservatives, dyes, etc. are not helpful. They usually also contain too much salt and sugar. For their drink,…

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