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Archive for Health and Wellness Companies

Importance of Educating Children about Nutrition – The Kathryn Zox Show

Dr. Kantor had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kathryn Zox for her show on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.  They discussed the importance of teaching  children about nutrition, fitness and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kantor views this as the only way that we stand a chance at turning…

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Key Components for Health and Wellness Programs – Atlanta Business Chronicle

Dr. Kantor recently discussed corporate health and wellness programs, and things to consider when starting one, with the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Kantor suggests that you first have to establish your goals. Are you trying to attract employees, keep health care costs down, or to increase productivity through less absenteeism? Once…

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Lower Insurance Rates Through Health and Wellness Programs – FOX News

What are specific costs that people aren’t aware of? There are some specific taxes included in Obamacare, like on medical devices (which has been delayed) and on the profits of selling a house (over 250k), but that is not the real problem. The real problem comes from the mandates put…

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