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The Effect Obamacare Will Have On Our Quality of Care with Fox News Radio

Dr. Keith Kantor and Mike Bastinelli of Fox News Radio discussed how Obamacare will place more burden on the healthcare system and lower the quality of care. Dr. Kantor explained that Obamacare was designed to give guidance, mandates and penalties to the insurance industry to try to make the system…

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WRFG Radio Interviews Dr. Kantor on The Impacts of Obamacare

Chris Askew of WRFG, Georgia Public Broadcasting, interviewed Dr. Keith Kantor about Obamacare and the impact it will have on Americans and the healthcare system.  Dr. Kantor stated that by 2020 50% of Americans, including children, will be considered obese and have diabetes.  To fix the healthcare system, he suggests…

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The Battle for the Health of our Adolescents with Your Teen Magazine

With all the important issues facing our teens, is it worth fighting the battle over junk food? I think it is one of the most important battles we can engage our youth in; but it must be framed correctly. The next generation is smart, technically savvy and craves to be…

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