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Archive for IRS Scandal

Why Obamacare May Never Be Implemented After All with KFKA Radio

Obamacare is already having a significant drag on the ecomony, particularly on small businesses and their employees, who are worried about the costs of new mandates and how they will impact them.  Rates are significantly increasing for health insurance, delays are being implemented for exchanges, and other “positive” aspects of…

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Interview with Reuters: How Will IRS-Gate Affect Implementaion of Obamacare?

Dr. Keith Kantor and David Morgan of Reuters discuss the recent IRS scandal and whether this controversy will play a role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Dr. Kantor believes that when the IRS is looking to enforce mandates, questions and doubts may now enter your mind if…

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IRS Scandal and Obamacare with The Heartland Institute

Over the last few days there has been breaking news that the Internal Revenue Service has targeted conservative and libertarian groups for harassment.  How is this going to directly affect Obamacare since the IRS is critical in its implementation? Dr. Keith Kantor discusses this scandal with The Heartland Institute and…

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