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Heart-Healthy Benefits of Chocolate – WLKF Radio

One of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day is chocolate but not all are created equal. Which are the healthiest types and which are the ones to avoid? Dr. Kantor answers these questions with Len Erickson of WLKF Radio. According to Mayo Clinic, cocoa appears to reduce risk factors…

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Staying Healthy with the Holiday Season in Full Swing – WLKF Radio

Holiday decorations are up the holiday season is in full swing.  With all of this holiday spirit in the air, Len Erickson of WLKF Radio wants to know, how can we avoid those extra pounds? Dr. Kantor reminds us that we keep putting on an average of 7 pounds between…

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Affordable Care Act Still Confusing Many Americans – WLKF Radio

With all of the talk and the headlines surrounding the Affordable Care Act, why do so many Americans still not know what it is, or how it works? Dr. Kantor tells WLKF Radio  that because the law is so complicated, and there have been so many changes and delays, many…

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