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Archive for Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel

North Carolina Residents See Dramatic Health Care Increases – WPTF Radio

Dr. Kantor spoke with Bill LuMaye of WPTF Radio in North Carolina about the increases that North Carolina residents are beginning to see in their health care policies. Many people not only in North Carolina, but throughout the country are concerned and unhappy with their anticipated health care situation and…

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Obamacare Hinges on the Young and Healthy – KTOK Radio

Brian Lloyd of KTOK Radio and Dr. Kantor talked about the fact that Obamacare isn’t as affordable as many had anticipated.  Dr. Kantor says that the fundamental flaw of the Affordable Care Act is that the whole theory of it was based on bringing 30 million new people, particularly the…

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Common Sense Solutions to America’s Health Care Crisis

Dr. Keith Kantor is the author of What Matters and the former chairman of a House of Representatives’ commission on lowering health care costs. He recently discussed these topics as well as the Affordable Care Act, with American Law Radio. His book, What Matters, centers around leadership values that are missing…

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Worries of Cost and Quality of Health Care -The Phil Valentine Show

Dr. Kantor was recently on The Phil Valentine show to talk about health care, specifically Obamacare. He began by talking about the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel, which he chaired, that was developed to come up with ideas to help fix the health care system and lower costs without mandates.  The…

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Obamacare and Its Many Impacts with WBKV Radio

Dr. Kantor and Bob Bonefant of WBKV Radio discuss the effects that Obamacare is currently having on America and the effects that it will have in the future.  Through Obamacare, 30 million more Americans were supposed to be insured. Unfortunately the opposite is expected. It’s likely that less people will…

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