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Healthy Dinner and Dessert Recipes for Your Family – Advanced Healthcare Network

A healthy meal, complete with dessert, that even your kids will be sure to enjoy!  Look for the full article to be featured by Advanced Healthcare Network. Better Brownies A tasty rich, flourless treat with protein and fiber.  This treat uses the natural sweetness of fruits, cocoa and nuts to…

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Involve Children in Making their Healthy Lunch – Southern Missourian

Dr. Kantor believes that we must be advocates for our children’s health and one way to do this is by getting them involved in packing a healthy lunch for school.   In this interview with The South Missourian, Dr. Kantor talks about his new book, The Green Box League of Nutritious…

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Healthy Habits for Halloween – Utah Family Magazine

What are some healthy snack alternatives to Halloween candy? Halloween candy is typically processed full of dye, high fructose corn syrup and excessive amounts of sugar and other harmful preservatives.  If you want to still give out candy go for the higher quality brands that are sweetened without high fructose…

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Want Your Children to Live a Healthy Lifestyle – Make It Fun!

What are some of the most unique aspects and main concerns (i.e. health, fun, taste, familiarity of foods) of catering to children? How are the meals concerns different or similar to adults? Most children eat with their eyes first, if the food does not appear tasty or familiar then they…

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Healthy Kids Lunch Ideas – MedHelp

Dr. Kantor recently spoke with MedHelp about healthy kids lunch choices and gave suggestions for what parents can pack in their children’s lunchboxes as they head back to school.  While schools are starting to offer healthier choices, those often times are not what the children are picking.  Instead, he suggests…

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Healthy Nutrition for Kids – Grocery Headquarters Magazine

Honing in on Healthy Snacks What are the most beneficial nutrients for active kids? Water, Omega 3 fatty acids, and magnesium. Why? Water is essential to maintain normal bodily functions, the problem is most kids do not drink enough plain water or they are not in tune with their thirst…

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