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“Fat Letters” Spark Controversy – WINA Radio

The media has sensationalized the recent letters that schools are sending home to parents if their child has a BMI over 30, by calling them “fat letters.”  Are these letters a good thing, or are they offensive to parents and their children? Dr. Kantor discussed this and other children’s health…

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How Can We Fight the Obesity Epidemic? – WGY Radio

Schools in 21 states are sending home letters to inform parents that based on their child’s BMI, he or she is considered at risk for obesity.  Dr. Kantor talked about the pros and cons of these letters and the obesity epidemic with WGY Radio. There are critics out there on…

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“Fat Letters” Helpful or Hurtful? – WSVA Radio

Dr. Kantor recently discussed “Fat Letters” with WSVA Radio of Harrisonburg, VA.  These are letters that are being sent home to parents in 19 states, which let them know that their child/children have an unhealthy body mass index or BMI. Dr. Kantor believes that we should give the schools credit…

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