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Affordable Care Act Worries Continue – Reuters

The one good thing about the Affordable Care Act is that it has brought attention to our health care problem.  Aside from this however, there seem to be more and more issues surfacing in regards to Obamacare and our health care system.  Dr. Keith Kantor discusses these issues with Reuters,…

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Watching Obamacare Unravel with WTVN Radio

Obamacare has not even been implemented but is already starting to unravel. Dr. Kantor talks with WTVN Radio about the many issues that are causing this, including mandates, delays in exchanges and rising health care costs. Only 17 states have decided to implement exchanges and the federal government must do…

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Affordable Care Act: Delayed Health Exchanges with Money Radio

Dr. Keith Kantor spoke with Money Radio about the delayed health exchanges as well as other problems of the Affordable Care Act that are continuing to arise. They also discussed how these problems will affect Americans, their health care options and what the eventual outcome of Obamacare could be.  Dr….

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