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Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays – WFTL Radio

The average American gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  How can we avoid this, control our eating and keep our weight down over the holidays? Dr. Kantor shares some of his easiest tips with WTFL Radio.  Most important he says is that we have to have a plan….

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Holidays with a Healthy Twist – WGY Radio

The holidays are almost here and parties are in full gear, and we still have a long way to New Year’s Day full of healthy resolutions.  Mike and Diane of WGY Radio want to know how we can make healthy choices and avoid holiday weight gain until then. This is…

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Moderation Key to a Healthy Holiday Season – WBZ Radio

You don’t have to be like the average American and gain 7 pounds this holiday season! In this interview with WBZ Radio, Dr. Kantor tells us how to make better choices and avoid this weight creep that plagues so many Americans.  He says that we shouldn’t try and stick to…

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Staying Healthy with the Holiday Season in Full Swing – WLKF Radio

Holiday decorations are up the holiday season is in full swing.  With all of this holiday spirit in the air, Len Erickson of WLKF Radio wants to know, how can we avoid those extra pounds? Dr. Kantor reminds us that we keep putting on an average of 7 pounds between…

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Benefits of All-Natural Foods – KISS 104.1 Atlanta

Dr. Kantor was a recent guest on Atlanta’s KISS 104.1 radio show with Taylor Thomas.  They discussed Dr. Kantor’s all-natural food company Service Foods, which is a health and wellness company that focuses on proper nutrition through all-natural foods.  They offer a wide variety of foods free of chemicals, preservatives,…

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Plan Ahead for a Healthy Holiday Season – WJBO Radio

It’s a busy time of year filled with many holiday parties and treats at school, work and with friends, but with some simple planning we can enjoy a healthy holiday season. Dr. Kantor gives tips for how to do this to WJBO Radio. For example,  if you already exercise, try…

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