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Affordable Care Act Worries Continue – Reuters

The one good thing about the Affordable Care Act is that it has brought attention to our health care problem.  Aside from this however, there seem to be more and more issues surfacing in regards to Obamacare and our health care system.  Dr. Keith Kantor discusses these issues with Reuters,…

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Changing Health Care Problems with News and Views

Dr. Keith Kantor was recently interviewed by Chuch Bates of News and Views about our current health care problems and Obamacare. They also discussed Dr. Kantor’s book, What Matters, which gives suggestions towards fixing the health care crisis with common sense solutions and by going “back to the basics.”  The…

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America’s Health Care Concerns with WESR Radio

America’s health care system is broken, and desperately in need of restructuring and repair.  Dr. Kantor spoke about this with WESR Radio and gave some practical common sense solutions for ways that we could begin to fix this problem.  As a chair on the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel, Dr. Kantor…

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Legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act with WTIC Radio

Dr. Kantor was recently interviewed by Ray of WTIC NewsTalk Radio on the subject of the Affordable Care Act. They discussed the fact that the American people and small businesses are leary of Obamacare even more now than they were before, due to delays in exchanges, the IRS scandal, and…

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Interview with Reuters: How Will IRS-Gate Affect Implementaion of Obamacare?

Dr. Keith Kantor and David Morgan of Reuters discuss the recent IRS scandal and whether this controversy will play a role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Dr. Kantor believes that when the IRS is looking to enforce mandates, questions and doubts may now enter your mind if…

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IRS Scandal and Obamacare with The Heartland Institute

Over the last few days there has been breaking news that the Internal Revenue Service has targeted conservative and libertarian groups for harassment.  How is this going to directly affect Obamacare since the IRS is critical in its implementation? Dr. Keith Kantor discusses this scandal with The Heartland Institute and…

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