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Can Diet Affect Your Love Life? – LA News Group

How can food and diet affect love life and relationships? How do our food choices really matter? Dr. Kantor discussed this just in time for Valentine’s Day with LA News Group. The real way that our diet can affect our mood and relationships is through our sex hormones testosterone, estrogen…

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The Food Factor: How What You Eat Could Affect Your Relationship

Sure, sharing the same hobbies and being compatible in the bedroom are all crucial characteristics of a healthy relationship, but food may play a bigger role than you realize. “What we eat and what the people we date eat, in many ways, determine the type of and quality of the…

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How Your Diet Affects Your Love Life – Sun Media

Our diets are a huge part of our life. Diets rich in processed foods including excess sugar and poor fats will not only make one gain weight, which will affect their overall confidence and self esteem, but will have a negative impact on their overall mood and energy level due…

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Food For Thought: Can Your Diet Affect Your Relationships? – CFRB Radio

Can what you eat really impact your mood and in turn your relationships? Dr. Kantor and CFRB Radio discuss this hot topic, and the link between nutrition and interpersonal relationships. By being aware of our partner’s health and/or dietary restrictions, we can be attentive in helping them do what they…

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The Impact of Nutrition and Diet on Relationships with Enliven Magazine

1. How can eating and diet affect relationships? Our diets are a huge part of our life, if two people are not on the same page with their diet they will run into many hurdles throughout the relationship.   Planning meals, choosing restaurants, and of course grocery shopping and food budget…

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How Diet Affects Your Mood, Behavior and Interpersonal Relationships with Food Navigator

We all know that our diet affects how we look and feel, but can it affect our behavior, mood and relationships with other people? Dr. Keith Kantor believes that it can and discusses this topic with Food Navigator.  Dr. Kantor explains that for men, behavior and mood are affected by…

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