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Holiday Recipes with Natural Ingredients – Queens Chronicle

The holidays are a time to enjoy ourselves, the company of friends and family, and our favorite comfort foods.  With these healthy, holiday recipes you can rest assured that you aren’t sacrificing flavor for health.  Full of all-natural ingredients, these recipes are sure to please even the pickiest family members!…

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes – Fitness Republic

How much impact does Thanksgiving have on holiday weight gain? The actual Thanksgiving meal itself does not promote exceptional weight gain, you may put on 1-2 pounds.  The 1-2 pounds will go away fairly quickly if healthy eating and regular exercise is resumed.  What does promote weight gain is all…

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Creep – Times Record

Did you know that the average American gains 7 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years?  Dr. Kantor discussed the common reasons for this weight creep as well as what we can do about it with The Times Record.  The main problem Kantor says, is that we loose some but not…

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