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Say No to Extra Pounds for the Holidays! – WGTS Radio

American’s gain about 5-7 pounds during the holidays. It can be prevented with these tips that Dr. Kantor shard with WGTS Radio. We gain weight during the holidays because we change our routines and eat different foods. The biggest thing we need to do is to enjoy the holidays, but…

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Avoid Holiday Weight Creep with these Delicious Recipes – Boulder Magazine

Trying to eat healthy over the holidays and avoid the annual weight creep?  You can!  I recently shared these healthy holiday recipes with Boulder Magazine. Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes  Ingredients: 1 large head cauliflower 5 large garlic cloves Sea salt to taste 2 tbs. organic butter or ghee 1 tbs. fresh…

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Tricks of the Trade for a Healthy Holiday Season – Jazzy 88 Radio

It ‘s that time of year when most of us eat too much and get too little exercise.  With a little bit of planning and motivation though, this year can be different! Avoid the holiday weight gain and eventual weight creep with these tips that Dr. Kantor recently shared with…

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Healthy Tips for the Holidays! – Living Better Ideas

Living Better Ideas – Starting this week, the holidays will be in full swing. This means a frantic time for millions of Americans with shopping, travel, holiday parties, and family get-togethers. It is also a time in which most Americans gain weight that is called holiday weight creep. The average…

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes – Fitness Republic

How much impact does Thanksgiving have on holiday weight gain? The actual Thanksgiving meal itself does not promote exceptional weight gain, you may put on 1-2 pounds.  The 1-2 pounds will go away fairly quickly if healthy eating and regular exercise is resumed.  What does promote weight gain is all…

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Stay Fit and Healthy This Holiday Season – South Asian Woman Magazine

Staying fit during the holidays can be a challenge due to excessive amounts of rich foods and an overbooked schedule full of parties, not allowing too much extra time to exercise.  We can avoid the holiday weight creep by staying active and being mindful with our nutrition. Most of those…

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