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Preview for Article In Business Insights Section of Fortune 500 Bank Site On Wellness for Companies

(Content Produced by Inc. Magazine) 1. What are some of the benefits of creating a wellness-focused workplace? The benefits include positive environment, increased moral, because truly health is the key to happiness.  A wellness focused workplace also has increased productivity, if the body is nourished properly the ability to focus on…

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Dr. Kantor To Introduce Telemedicine At ANFCNA Conference

Norcross, GA/April 24, 2015 – Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO of Service Foods Inc., author of The Green Box League of Nutritious Justice, and Vice President of the All Natural Food Council of North America will be introducing a presentation on telemedicine on Friday, May 1, 2015 at the All Natural…

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle with WFAS Radio

Dr. Keith Kantor and Lisa Wexler of WFAS Radio recently spoke about living a healthy lifestyle and shared tips for how to do so. For example, the CDC recently came out with a report stating that if we follow 4 simple rules we can cut down, eliminate and mitigate 80%…

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Go to Foods and Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Summer – The Saturday Evening Post

Written by Dr. Keith Kantor, PhD, ND Summer Foods to Avoid- Sports drinks are typically consumed during the summer at the ball park, while doing yard work or after a hard workout outside, but plain water is a better choice in most situations.  Sports drinks should only be consumed by…

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Artificial Sweeteners and Type II Diabetes with Jewish Exponent Magazine

Recent studies have shown a link between artificially sweetened drinks and Type II Diabetes.  Dr. Kantor discusses the findings of this study with Elyse Glickman from the Jewish Exponent Magazine.  People must realize that diabetes is linked to sugar and that the alternative of artificial sweeteners is not going to help…

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Some of the Many Problems With The Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare

Dr. Kantor explains in detail the hard facts and many problems surrounding President Obama’s Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare. Many Americans misunderstand the fact that this isn’t really a healthcare act at all, it is based on health insurance. What Obama was attempting to accomplish was a healthcare system that…

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