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Healthy Resolutions for 2014 – WHUR Radio

Many of us overindulged over the holidays and now we find ourselves making healthy resolutions for 2014. Dr. Kantor discussed this and ways to be successful with Taylor Thomas of WHUR Radio.  He reminds us that our focus needs to be on living an overall healthier lifestyle, to focus on…

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Can We Enjoy the Holidays Without Packing on the Pounds?

Dr. Kantor recently spoke with Taylor Thomas of WHUR Radio about the weight creep that we see over the holidays, and how we can prevent it. The average American gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years and unfortunately most of us don’t lose it, or all of it over…

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Young Americans Hesitant to Join Obamacare – WHUR Radio

Taylor Thomas of WHUR Radio recently interviewed Dr. Kantor about Obamacare, and specifically why young Americans are rejecting it. Dr. Kantor believes that a major reason is that they feel invincible and if the cost of insurance is too high, they would rather take their chances and go without coverage….

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