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Tips for a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday – WPTF Radio

I recently returned to WPTF Talk Radio to share my tips for having a fun and healthy Super Bowl Sunday.  I always start off by recommending that you don’t starve yourself before you go to a party, especially one geared towards lots of eating like the Super Bowl.  You will…

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North Carolina Residents See Dramatic Health Care Increases – WPTF Radio

Dr. Kantor spoke with Bill LuMaye of WPTF Radio in North Carolina about the increases that North Carolina residents are beginning to see in their health care policies. Many people not only in North Carolina, but throughout the country are concerned and unhappy with their anticipated health care situation and…

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Skepticism Towards the Affordable Care Act Continues – WPTF Radio

Many Americans continue to be skeptical about the Affordable Care Act for many different reasons.  Dr. Kantor discussed the reasons why with Bill LuMaye of WPTF News Talk Radio. First of all we know that our officials didn’t even read the law before it was passed, because it was too…

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More Health Care Changes: Will We Be Forced to Reveal Person Information Under Obamacare?

Could This Be Our New Future in Health Care? Dr. Keith Kantor returns to Doug Kellett’s News Radio program on WPTF for the 3rd time to discuss the most recent impacts of Obamacare.  There have been recent headlines of companies like CVS telling their employees to reveal personal information such…

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The Reality of Obamacare with WPTF News Radio

Will Americans be happy with Obamacare? Dr. Kantor believes that when reality sets in the American people will not be happy at all. He discusses the startling costs that this will have on the American people with Doug Kellett of WPTF News Radio. The IRS recently announced that by 2016,…

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