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Run from Zombies at Work in New Fitness Platform – Article from USA Today

Written by Greg Toppo, USA TODAY – Anyone can run from zombies these days — several fitness apps and programs make this promise — but can you do it at work, with (or against) your co-workers? A new corporate wellness program leverages the running-from-zombies motif as a way to get…

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Green Box League of Nutritious Justice Helps Combat Childhood Obesity – Southington Observer

Southington Observer –  By LINDSAY CAREY A Plantsville man helped write a book to help teach children and parents about eating healthy and staying active. Pete Crouth has been a chef for 30 years and over that time has enjoyed teaching young and inexperienced individuals about the field trade. He took…

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Importance of Innovation in Green Box Foods – Trendhunter

Dr. Kantor is CEO of Green Box Foods, a nutrition and wellness benefit solution which provides a platform for healthy living for businesses and their employees.  In his interview with Trendhunter, Dr. Kantor answers questions about this company and how innovation has played a major role in it’s development.  Specifically…

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Healthy Living at the Age of 60!

Thanks to living a healthy lifestyle, I was able to thoroughly enjoy my dance with my daughter at her recent wedding!

Making Nutrition and Fitness Fun – Staten Island Parent

Parents often see their child’s weight creep up or observe poor diet and lazy activities and then turn into a drill sergeant out of fear for their health.  A better approach to getting your child to “buy into” a healthy lifestyle is to make it fun.  Keep the energy around…

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Making Healthy Eating Exciting for Children – Today’s Dietitian

In this interview with Today’s Dietitian, Dr. Kantor shares strategies we can use to make healthy eating more approachable and exciting for children.  He talked about his new book, The Green Box League of Nutritious Justice, which is one great resource for families looking to adopt healthier habits, but aren’t…

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12 Days of Healthy Tips for the Holidays – Real World Weight Loss is featuring a 12 days of fitness program on fitness and nutrition and I was thrilled to be asked to contribute healthy holiday eating tips.  Other big names in health and fitness like Jillian Michaels and Brett Hoebel of The Biggest Loser, Ryan Halvorson, associate editor for the IDEA…

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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays – Healthy Moms Blog

1.    Why do Americans gain weight during the Holidays? It is simple, Americans typical gain what we call the “seasonal 7 pounds” between Halloween and New Year’s Day because there is an abundance of unhealthy foods loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats along with our schedules being booked with school…

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Nutritious Lunch and Snack Options for Children – Brownfield Ag News

A big concern for our children today is that they are addicted to sugar, evident by the rising obesity rates.  These rates coincide with our schools not having daily gym classes, nutrition not being taught and overall less activity among children.  Dr. Kantor recently discussed these facts and what we…

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Healthy Summer Eating – WGN Radio

You can have a healthy summer and go to picnics and BBQ’s with family and friends, by using these tips from Dr. Keith Kantor.  There are many misconceptions that we can’t do it all, however, we just need to remember to enjoy everything in moderation.  Dr. Kantor spoke with Brian…

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