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Tricks of the Trade for a Healthy Holiday Season – Jazzy 88 Radio

It ‘s that time of year when most of us eat too much and get too little exercise.  With a little bit of planning and motivation though, this year can be different! Avoid the holiday weight gain and eventual weight creep with these tips that Dr. Kantor recently shared with…

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Stay Fit and Healthy This Holiday Season – South Asian Woman Magazine

Staying fit during the holidays can be a challenge due to excessive amounts of rich foods and an overbooked schedule full of parties, not allowing too much extra time to exercise.  We can avoid the holiday weight creep by staying active and being mindful with our nutrition. Most of those…

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Healthy Holiday Tips – WGTS Radio

Claude of WGTS radio wants to know, is it possible to have a healthy holiday with all of the delicious food and fun parties? How can we control what we eat with so many temptations? Dr. Kantor says that the problem is that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s American tend…

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New Year’s Resolution Solution – CNN

The most common time of the year to initiate positive change is typically January, and we tend to initiate change in the form of New Year’s resolutions.  One of the most typical New Year’s resolution is weight loss.  Weight loss in itself has many health benefits but the mindset around…

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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays – Healthy Moms Blog

1.    Why do Americans gain weight during the Holidays? It is simple, Americans typical gain what we call the “seasonal 7 pounds” between Halloween and New Year’s Day because there is an abundance of unhealthy foods loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats along with our schedules being booked with school…

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Ward Off Holiday Weight Gain – All You Magazine

Dr. Kantor answers questions from All You Magazine and gives tips to prevent holiday weight gain. Have you ever heard of the “Seasonal 7 pound weight gain”? This is the average amount of weight that people gain during the holiday season, typically from October 31st– January 1st. Follow these 5…

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