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Archive for type 2 diabetes

Obesity, Health Care and the Future of America – WCNS Radio

Mike Krcil of WCNS Radio recently had Dr. Kantor as a guest on the talk radio show, Krcil’s Perch.  They discussed everything from the recent news topic of the “Fat Letters,” to obesity, health care and Dr. Kantor’s all-natural food companies Service and Green Box Foods. Their main topic of…

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Do Low Carb Diets Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes? – Live in the Now

Live in the Now recently asked Dr. Kantor to give insight on a recent study, which supports the idea that Mediterranean and low carb diets can offer protection against type 2 diabetes.  Read more about the study HERE. 1. Please comment on the study. I agree with the study in…

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Benefits of Obesity Being Considered a Disease – WPXI Radio

Physicians have said it all along that obesity is a disease, not a disorder or condition, because it leads to so many other health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke to name a few. Dr. Kantor agrees with the AMA’s recent decision to…

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Obesity in America with America’s Radio News

Now that obesity is officially classified as a disease by the AMA, we wonder how this will impact us and our country. Dr. Keith Kantor discussed this, as well as America’s obesity crisis, with America’s Radio News.  Obesity is an epidemic affecting not only adults, but now children in our…

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