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How to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle Changes with WTBQ Radio

How to Stick with Your Healthy Resolutions Dr. Kantor talks with WTBQ Radio about making healthy lifestyle resolutions and sticking to them. By 2020, 50% of our population will be obese and have diabetes so it is important to keep these resolutions.  He suggests that you hold yourself accountable and…

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Link Between Artificially Sweetened Drinks and Type II Diabetes with Foodservice East

In a recently published article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a link was shown between the consumption of artificially sweetened drinks and diabetes. The link between drinking sugary drinks and type II diabetes has been known for a long time. It has been shown that diabetes type II…

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How to Stick to Your Diet with Diabetes Health Magazine

Many people have trouble sticking with a diet or resolution longer than two weeks.  Dr. Kantor discusses with Nadia of Diabetes Health Magazine, tips on how to keep these resolutions and maintain a healthier lifestyle. He suggests many practical tips like setting adequate goals, maintaining a positive attitude and being…

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Exercise and the Impact on Overall Health

Exercise plays a key role in your overall health. There are numerous ways to exercise and each facet has its own benefits. Simply put, there are three main categories of exercise including cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility-focused exercise.  Cardiovascular exercise includes running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing etc. This type of…

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You Did Overeat During the Holidays, Now What? Dr. Kantor Discusses Tips with the Lincoln Star Journal

Make a plan for 2013 Erin Anderson of the Lincoln Star Journal interviewed Dr. Kantor about what to do now that you did overeat during the holidays and have put on a few extra pounds. The audio from their interview is below and here is a snippet from the article:…

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Foods That Help You to Lose Weight and Satisfy Your Stomach

Dr. Keith Kantor is interview by Beth Orenstein of Everyday Health Magazine about the best foods to help you lose weight. You won’t even feel like you’re on a diet when you put these filling foods on your menu. If you want to start feeling more energetic and healthy, shedding…

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