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How to get back on track after Super Bowl!

Superbowl Sunday and nutrition tips along with some strategies on how to stay on track as the New Years resolution will power fades.

NewsMax interviews Dr. Kantor for Healthy Superbowl Ideas

Follow these tips for a healthy Superbowl party! Did you know that Superbowl Sunday the 2nd highest day Americans consume excessive calories?    

KSRO, Sonoma County Morning News with Pat and Larry

Dr. Kantor goes over holiday nutrition strategies with Pat and Larry on KRSO, Sonoma County Morning News.   KSRO, Sonoma County Morning News with Pat and Larry

Back to school healthy lunch tips.

Dr. Kantor goes into detail on how to pack a healthy lunch with Today Radio.   He break it down and shares what to NOT include and the healthy staples to a “smart” lunch.  Nutrition is a key component to overall success of your child’s academic and extra curricular activities….

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“Rehab Your Brain to Stay Out of the Legal System.”

Click HERE to listen to Dr. Jay Faber’s interview about his book, “Escape.”  He goes into detail about the brain oriented treatments offered through the Amen Clinics.

Dr. Jay Faber and Dr. Keith Kantor Discuss Their Strategic Alliance.

Conversation between Dr. Faber & Dr. Kantor about the NAMED Program, Dr. Faber’s new book, “Escape” and how they will use their strategic alliance to help prisons in America reduce their recidivism rate.

Late Night Health Radio Interview

  Dr. Kantor was interviewed by, “Late night Health” with Mark Alyn. They went into detail about the NAMED Program and summer food cravings and what they can mean and what problems they can cause. [display_podcast]

National Fox News Video featuring Dr. Kantor about Nutrition and Addiction.

Watch Dr. Kantor discuss the NAMED Program on National FOX News: Watch the latest video at

“Call to Rights” interviews Dr. Kantor and Medal of Honor Winner, Jack Holder.

Steve Kates interviews Dr. Kantor about PTSD, NAMED Program, and the second half of the show he interviews Jack Holder, Medal of Honor Winner who was in Pearl Harbor.  This is a great show you will not want to miss! [display_podcast]  

Plainsman Press interviews Dr. Kantor about why the NAMED Program was developed.