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According to the Centers For Disease Control, high quality, nutritious food plays a major role in preventing common chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Our team of experts have prepared several informative reports for you that will help you better understand the connection between eating right and staying healthy. All of these articles were written by or approved by Dr. Kantor:

Parkinson’s Disease Nutrition and Lifestyle Management (78 kb | PDF)

Water – the Most Overlooked Nutrient (61 kb | PDF)

Exercise and the Impact on Overall Health (57 kb | PDF)

GMO’s – Pros and Cons (57 kb | PDF)

The Importance of Quality Sleep on Health and Metabolism (93 kb | PDF)

Adhd And Nutrition (22 kb | PDF)

Allergies And Nutrition (26 kb | PDF)

Alzheimers Disease And Nutrition (29 kb | PDF)

Arthritis And Proper Nutrition (23 kb | PDF)

Asthma And Nutrition (28 kb | PDF)

Autism And Nutrition (33 kb | PDF)

Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel Recommendations To Lower Healthcare Costs (164 kb | PDF)

Crohn’s-disease-and-nutrition (23 kb | PDF)

Dental Care And Nutrition (23 kb | PDF)

Heart Health And Nutrition (32 kb | PDF)

Hepatitis-c-and-nutrition (20 kb | PDF)

Multiple Sclerosis And Nutrition (17 kb | PDF)

Obesity and Nutrition (35 kb | PDF)

Organic vs. All Natural (97 kb | PDF)

Preventing Cancer (35 kb | PDF)

Role Of Nutrition In Treating Celiac Disease (34 kb | PDF)

Role Of Nutrition In Treating Diabetes (47 kb | PDF)

Sleep Disorders 

Sugar And Stevia (92 kb | PDF)

The Enormous Cost Of Not Living A Healthy Lifestyle (18 kb | PDF)

The Health Dangers Of Processed Salts (99 kb | PDF)

What Does All Natural Mean? (128 kb | PDF)

Why Vacuum Sealing and Blast Freezing is Safer and Healthier (20 kb | PDF)

Sleep Deprivation and Addiction link

Your Guide to Better Sleep