Cooking at Home Vs. Eating Out

Cooking at Home Vs. Eating Out Dr. Keith Kantor   Eating out for the most part is a fantastic way to delay your weight goals and if you chronically eat out at mainstream restaurants it can take a major toll on your health and finances. Most Americans know that if they cook at home more […]

Know Your Limits

Well past your 40th birthday, you have finally arrived at the gym….thank goodness! You’ve been meaning these past few years to get started and today you have at last ‘pulled the trigger’. The initial goals are to get in shape, feel better and, hopefully, look better. Now, what is the best way to begin? If […]

Frozen Vs. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

  By: Dr. Keith Kantor   Introduction As a whole Americans eat less then one third of the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables recommended daily. It is important to emphasize that any fruit and vegetables are better then no fruits and vegetables. Taking that into consideration the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables […]

Certified All Natural Vs. Conventional Beef

    By: Dr. Keith Kantor   When you buy beef at the supermarket, you face the choice of purchasing Certified all natural versus conventional beef(Certified All Natural is almost impossible to find in a grocery store). To bear the certified all natural food label the product must adhere to the standards of the All […]

Wild vs. Farm Raised Salmon

  By: Dr. Keith Kantor   What is the difference between, “fresh Atlantic salmon” on sale for $7.99++/pound and right next to it “Wild Pacific Sockeye salmon” for $14.99++/pound?   Does it really matter which salmon you buy? In this article, we’ll look at the differences between farm-raised salmon and wild caught salmon so you […]

Is all chicken created equal?

Is all chicken created equal?   By: Dr. Keith Kantor   Chicken has become a staple of the American diet, we grill it, fry it, boil it and even eat it out of a can When the demand for chicken went up (during the fast food era) the farming and processing of chicken changed dramatically […]

Smart Grocery Shopping for your health and budget.

  By Dr. Keith Kantor   One question that undoubtedly comes up on a daily basis with most families is: “What’s for dinner?” With the commitments and responsibilities of today’s families its no wonder there is no time devoted planning your meals or grocery shopping trips. This results in wasted trips to the grocery store […]

Analyzing President Trump’s Nutrition

Daily Meal Magazine asked Dr. Kantor to give his input on President Trumps eating habits…. Analyzing President Trump’s Nutrition By: Dr. Keith Kantor President Donald Trump is known for many things but we have no real idea about how he eats, or his overall nutrition status. His doctor reported that he was healthy and it’s […]

The Health State of Generation X (born 1965-1981)

“Ask Stew” features Dr. Kantor on the health of Generation X. …According to Dr. Kantor, “Generation X has been deemed as the unhealthiest generation. The stress level and mentality of this generation tends to be more intense than those before and after them. Focusing on making small lifestyle changes related to nutrition, fitness and stress […]

Benefits of All Natural and Organic Foods

  By: Dr. Keith Kantor In a culture where food is a lucrative business, we have to be our own advocate and feed our family and our own body with the best source of food. Meats ( beef, poultry and seafood) are probably the most dangerous foods to consume from conventional sources because the harmful […]