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Dr. Kantor Member of an Expert Panel that Answered Questions About Obamacare on CBS Atlanta

Obamacare: Your Questions, Expert Answers with CBS Atlanta Last week I had the great opportunity to be one of thirteen health care experts who took questions from callers about Obamacare on CBS Atlanta. It was very interesting to handle about 120 of these phone questions and try to help people…

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The Problems with Obamacare with CBS Radio

High Costs that Obamacare will have for Americans When the president first proposed Obamacare it was supposed to be revenue neutral, however the latest estimation is showing a cost of  $2.7 trillion . CBS Radio and Dr. Kantor discuss this high cost, and how it will affect Americans, small businesses…

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Health and Wellness Information with CBS Connecticut Radio

Dr. Kantor discusses health and wellness suggestions with CBS Connecticut Radio. What can we do to avoid the broken health care system and Obamacare? We need to make our own changes outside of the government at the grassroots level. One way is through health, wellness and affinity companies that work…

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