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Problems with a Single Payer System – WSVA Radio

Dr. Kantor was recently interviewed by WSVA News Radio about the problems with Obamacare and a possible single payer system. What we really should have known from the beginning is that Obamacare would not be revenue neutral as promised; at this point it has already cost $2.8 trillion. Aside from…

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Failure of the Affordable Care Act Could Lead to Single-Payer System – WVON Radio

President Obama’s approval rating is sinking to a new low according to CNN, likely having a lot to do with the Affordable Care Act.  Dr. Kantor returns to Cliff Kelley’s morning show on WVON radio, to talk about this and all that has happened since they last spoke six months…

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Obamacare: A Step Toward a Single-Payer System – WIBA Radio

Mitch Henck of WIBA Radio recently asked Dr. Kantor about the hidden costs of Obamacare and how to navigate them. Dr. Kantor discussed some of these costs, but said that the biggest problem isn’t the hidden costs, it’s the fact that there hasn’t been an influx of 30 million new…

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