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Another Obamacare Delay? – The Public Record

Recently Ken Alan of The Public Record asked Dr. Kantor why he anticipates that Obamacare will be delayed for individuals.  Dr. Kantor believes that we have to look at the track record and understand that Obamacare wasn’t designed to fix our health care system.  It was designed to help contain…

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Affordable Care Act Exchange Delays – AIS Health

Dr. Kantor has been predicting since February that we would see delays of the most unpopular aspects of the Affordable Care Act to avoid them becoming a major election issue.  Since then we have seen this prediction begin to unfold, most recently with the delay of employer mandates.  Dr. Kantor…

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Issues with Health Care Reform with Bob Gourley

Health care reform is always a hot topic, but with the supposed roll out of Obamacare coming in 2014, we are hearing more and more about the many problems with America’s health care system.  Dr. Keith Kantor and Bob Gourley of Issues Today Radio recently spoke about these issues.  Dr….

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